A Curious Conversation

“Susan,” Mrs. Middlejoy asked me, “why don’t we start a blog?”

“I didn’t know you wanted one,” I answered my church mouse friend.

Mrs. Middlejoy and I have an odd relationship.  I never show up in any of her stories, yet she often shows up in mine.

“I’ve heard that people read blogs,” said Mrs. Middlejoy.  On their telephones.  And things.”

“And you would like to have people read about you?” I asked.

“Most people are interested in rodents, don’t you think?”

“You might be surprised.”

“Well, then,” said Mrs. Middlejoy with decision, “we will just write for people who appreciate rodents.  Like you.  And Carol, the nice lady who plays the organ at my church.  I think there are lots of nice people who would be interested in the day-to-day life of a church mouse.”

“You may just be right,” I answered my friend.  “I’ll start today.”

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